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17.05.2012 11:35
*** Biography - Theater on stilts Antworten

Theater on stilts
«In airy heights a happening is dragging multilayered told plausibly and along. Floating over all, the Stelzer kidnaps divine and human belonging in such a way into the deep, with completely own aesthetics.»

This unique ensemble is composed of approximately twenty actors, performing theatre with acrobatic skill on the smallest stage possible - the stilt.

The idea «theatre on stilts» was actually initiated by the work with the FTM (Free Theatre Munich).

The FTM, founded in 1970 by George Froscher and Kurt Bildstein, was one of the best known and radical independent theatre groups, which started out with «stilting» as one of the major parts of their repertoire of these «Theatre pirates».

The stilt actor has to conquer his performance-area first. Independent from stage and technology he turns streets and squares into theatre halls.

Therefore this kind of theatre, exposed to the rough conditions of the market-place, is influenced by different elements:

The most essential parts of the text have to be extracted and the content of them caught on to. The audience itself is an integral part of the performance.

So «Theatre on Stilts» is one of the most vivid and direct ways of expressing urban culture.

With actually more than 16 productions of very different character, the Stilt Walkers have marked and developed this genre considerably, since their start in 1983. «Die Stelzer» participate with productions like «walking acts» or big «open-air theatre» on international festivals.

Short biography:
1983 First foundation of the group
1994 Established as a theatre company
1999 Exploration the professional and international work
Since 2004 open-air-theatre on tour «Discorsi» or «Rheingold»
2011 Open-air-theatre «Licca Line» with 40 youth stiltwalkers

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